You don’t need to be a pilot to fly a plane; an aeronautical engineer to build an aircraft, you just need a modeling kit and a passion to build. Anybody who loves airplanes can fly model airplanes, just like everyone who wants to make money could trade online with Orion code, even tho they are not professionals.

It is a thrilling and adrenaline pumping hobby that is re-emerging in a world lost in digital technology. The hobby of building airplanes requires utmost concentration, immense patience and certain amount of skill.

If you are fascinated by this world of miniature aircrafts, you can either buy an assembled kit or build your own plane from scratch. There are several websites which provide you with in-depth knowledge on the basics and help you get started in this field; you can also join a flying club to get better knowledge and to interact with more experienced flyers.

Scale Modeling

The art of building airplanes is called Scale modeling and it has been there since World War I. You can build model of not only aircrafts but also military tanks, ships and automobiles and in fact create your own dioramas of wars and airports; the sky is the limit for your creativity.

The lure of airplane modeling

Only those who are passionate about these things can understand the pull of the tiny parts in an airplane modeling kit. The hobbyists often leave behind a jealous spouse or a girl friend because radio controlled airplane modeling is 99% a male hobby. In fact, with their models, men almost become like children; they spend countless hours on assembling the parts with great care and don’t rest till they complete the task.

The reason men love this hobby is

  • Men by nature love tinkering; so probably the thought of building something as exciting as an aircraft that they can control and fly appeals to them.
  • Thanks to technology these models are very vivid and real; even the minutest detail of an aircraft are included.
  • All kits are modeled around real aircrafts.

It’s an expensive hobby

Ask those who are consumed by this hobby and they will tell you that they don’t keep track of the cost. There is constant innovation and rebuilding that takes place when you enter this field, so the cost is recurrent. With frequent flying you might end up crashing your airplane or it might get stuck in the tree or just disintegrate; whatever the reason, you will keep buying stuff to rebuild.

For a beginner who wants to build his /her own model you will need to spend a minimum of $ 100 on the tools, glue and the building board. To this add the cost of the engine, fuel, radio wheels; all this will come to around $500. As a beginner this is the minimum you will be spending without adding the cost of membership (it is best to belong to a club). Do make note that you cannot fly anywhere and everywhere; most often public spaces are fine but do read up on the local laws before you embark on the fascinating journey of RC airplanes.

When you pursue a hobby you don’t need logical reasons, nor do you have to give explanations to anyone. Nothing comes close to using your hands and tools to build a physical airplane unlike the digital games online; it is almost akin to having a baby. So, go ahead and let your fancies take flight.