Ventilation for Industrial Spaces & Factories

Aerospace manufacture is a lengthy and careful process that ensures accurately designing, building and testing of aeroplanes, rockets, missiles, drones and other airborne devices. It is also involved in their sale and maintenance over time. This process takes place in carefully designed warehouses. The manufacture of a single plane usually takes months and therefore, there is need to ensure that the workers have a friendly environment to work in. Aeration, heating and cooling are very important in such warehouses for a number of reasons.

Heating and cooling

Welding and other processes within the warehouse produce a lot of heat. The warehouse therefore requires a functional industrial HVAC system for cooling purposes. This also comes in handy during extremely hot weather since it enhances the provision of a friendly work environment. During the cold weather, the system ensures that the temperatures within the warehouse are suitable for the workers. industrial air conditioning units can be used to complement the HVAC system in the warehouses especially when only a small section of the warehouse needs to be heated. They can also be used as substitutes for HVAC systems where they have not been installed or when they are not working properly.

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Free circulation of air 

The chemicals and materials used in the aerospace manufacture react to produce a combination of gases, some of which may be harmful to the body. Without proper ventilation, the warehouse will be stuffy and have insufficient supplies of oxygen. Without access to clean air, the human body becomes deprived of oxygen and therefore they may experience dizziness and fatigue. This is a great hindrance to efficient discharge of duties. Over time, this may develop into serious conditions permanently damaging the health of employees. Chemicals used in the aerospace manufacture react to produce a combination of gases. Without proper ventilation, the room will be stuffy and have insufficient supplies of oxygen.

Health and safety standards

Given the importance of the work that is carried out in the warehouse, it would be unfortunate to suspend operations due to lack of compliance with the health and safety standards. This could cost the stakeholders millions in just a few months and it is therefore paramount to ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled before the operations kick off. The health of all employees as well as their safety in the work place should be given priority. Part of this is to ensure that they have clean air, the humidity is not harmful and that the temperature is just right irrespective of the weather. All this can be done with the installation of industrial HVAC systems.