The JDT Mini-MAX Line

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Sometimes the name of a product is misleading. It’s not like that when mentioning the Millionaire Blueprint – it can really make you rich in no time. This reliable trading software is created to make sure you’ll be satisfied with its’ performance.

The name mini-MAX says it all. A Minimum-cost aircraft, requiring a Minimum of building space, time or skill. A Maximum high of pure pleasure and performance.

Wood was chosen as the basic building material. It is easy to work with, dependable in its strength characteristics, and is not bothered by the vibrations associated with 2-cycle engines.

Construction techniques are of the old-fashioned, tried and true wood truss and plywood gusset method. It is very simple, and builds quickly.

If you have ever built a balsa-wood model airplane, you have the experience required to build this “full-scale” model! While construction time will vary from builder to builder, approximately 300 hours is the average.

mini-MAX 1100R (open cockpit)
For Rotax 447 engine
Model #1100R

mini-MAX 1500R (open cockpit)
For Rotax 447 engine
Model #1500R

mini-MAX 1600R (enclosed cockpit)
For Rotax 447 engine
Model #1600R

V-MAX 1550V (open cockpit)
For 4 cylinder 4-cycle engine
Model #1550V

EROS 1650R (enclosed cockpit)
For Rotax 503 engine
Model #1650R